Monday, October 1, 2012

September Book Club

 When I started this book I had NO idea about cell research and how it all began and especially no idea about where the cells used in research come from. It's not the kind of book I would snatch of the shelves but I am so glad we read it! This book is about Henrietta Lacks, her family, and a cancerous cell that was taken from Henrietta which went on to became the first cell to continue to grow and multiply on its own in a lab. This HeLa cell created an industry, helped cure polio, and allowed for research that created many other ground breaking vaccines and treatments. There have been countless papers written on the HeLa cell but only a few on who the cell came from and most of those were inaccurate. In this book Rebecca Skloot chronicles her journey to find out the real story of Henrietta and paints a vivid picture of Henrietta's life and family. 
While it's a tragic story in many ways I found that there was also hope and beautiful examples of the human spirit. The book not only tells the story of Henrietta's life but gives you a lot of scientific information about cell research without boring you. I would definitely recommend this book.

Our book for October is Dora: A Headcase by Lidia Yuknavich. 



MareMare said...

I read most of that one, but didn't finish it, got a little bored with all her driving around looking for people. I'll be interested on what you think about Dora, Lidia's stuff is so crazy pants! I meant to go to her reading at Powell's last month with a friend (we actually met in a year long lit class taught by Lidia) but we missed it.

--Mary Ann

Pétra said...

I had a feeling about the new book. I haven't read any of her work.

Valerie said...

I've had this one on my list for a while now-looks interesting!

susan b. said...

I loved this book too!

Just Jenn said...

Oh I'm so glad you got a chance to read that book. It's one of my favorites!