Monday, December 17, 2012

Holiday Swap

 I have been waiting to share my Swap gift for the PMQG holiday party so I wouldn't give anything away. Heather gave me the bag she drew because I liked the fabric so much and it ended up beinElizabeth's fabric. Immediately I knew I wanted to put the fabric up on the design wall and let it fall into place.

After deciding on the final layout I started adding Cotton
Couture Kaki. It's one of my favorite solids.It's true color is a little in-between the two in these photos. 

I had so much fun making this, improving the design and working with colors that I don't usually use it's liberating! Elizabeth couldn't make it to the meeting but Jen texted her a photo and she said she loved it yay! I hope she likes it as much in person. 

Happy Holidays 


JanuaryT said...

That is fantastic!!! I really love it - this is becoming one of my favorite things to do just toss the fabric on the design wall and improvise. You did it very well!!

Jacey said...

Beautiful! Improv is the best, and it doesn't hurt when you get to work with such lovely fabrics!