Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Spring Break!

Tomorrow the family and I are heading off to Carefree for some much needed rest and sun. I am looking out the window and it's snowing here. The Portland weather has been wacky and I wont miss it.
 I'll see you all in April when I'll tell you all about my class with Lizzy House eeeee!

Friday, March 16, 2012

What I've been up to

We had a great guild meeting last night! Are any of you in guilds? It's really been such a wonderful resource for inspiration and friendship for me. I made this little improv block as part of a challenge we're doing this month. This year being on the board I've been working on the PMQG blog with Heather of Joy of All Crafts. As a board we decided to add some new features to the blog like member interviews,book reviews, and a tutorial page with links to our member tutorials. I've been doing the post meeting recaps as well so you can always find me posting there the 3rd Monday of the month. It's been a lot of fun! 

My shoulder has been so much better and with a little PT I think it will feel better then before all this happened. Despite the week off I was able to finish my For the Love of Solids Swap and mail it on time. 

Look I did appliqué! My partner wanted something with an owl and I pushed through my appliqué fear (don't know why but I have it) and she turned out so cute. 

One of the things my partner asked for was a sewing machine cover but she never gave her measurements. I decided to make something that could be a cover or a wall hanging. 

I sewed in rod pockets in the upper corners and put on ties, that could be cut off, for a sewing machine cover. My small item was one of my square pincushions which I hadn't made for awhile but they are so fun. 
Did you know tomorrow is National Quilting Day? Do you have any quilty plans?


Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Field Trip!

Today I am over at Madame Samm's !Sew We Quilt! It's runner month and I am sharing my Plus Runner and a little tutorial stop by and check it out.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Thank you and a Winner!


Thank you to everyone that entered! I read all your comments and they helped distract me in my time of misery. I am back to typing two handed full time now so if you come back and visit me I will be sure and respond to your comments. It sounds like a lot of you are thinking about swaps in the future when you have your sewing legs under you. When you are ready I hope you find the right fit or who knows start your own! Now the reason you are here the winner is.....

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Anonymous who I am thinking is named Nellie from her email address!! You had a lot of great questions I'll answer for you in my email. When I hear back from you I will send you your FQS gift code. Thank you Fat Quarter Shop for such a great giveaway!

Everyone that stopped by for the Craftsy Blog hop have fun with your Blocks of the Month I'm looking forward to seeing all the beautiful quilts. 

Thank you Amy for inviting me on the tour!!


Thursday, March 8, 2012

On The Mend!

The auction went well and my quilt went to a great home, it's actually going to be a wedding gift for someone. I was on a high, excited to start the list of things that would be happening "after the auction" and I had a nagging pain in my shoulder. By the time I got home from the auction after-party I was in horrible pain and couldn't raise my right arm, yes I am right handed, after a sleepless night I ended up in the ER on Sunday. Blah, Blah, Blah, Dr., Dr., Dr., pain meds, no sleep, no improvement, and 5 days later the good news is I do not have to have surgery! Now I am on the high of a huge shot in my shoulder look at me I'm typing with two hands but I swear nothing else at the moment. It turns out when calcification ruptures in your tendon it gives you "debilitating pain" but it will go away. I am so relieved I will be able to function like a normal person soon and only have some physical therapy in my future. I wanted to spread the word tonight because I've felt out of touch and I'm told my shot will make me feel worse tomorrow so I wont be typing for a few more days but I'll be sewing again soon YAY! 

I have to also say thank you to my wonderful husband who has been doing EVERYTHING for the whole family the past 5 days!


Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Craftsy Block of the Month Blog Tour and Giveaway!!

It's my turn on the Craftsy Block of the Month Blog Tour. Craftsy Block of the Month is taught by Amy of Stitchery Dickory Doc, we became friends at the Sewing Summit and she really is as nice and cheery as she looks in her photo. 
Now what is Craftsy? I had never been on it before but have found it really fun. It's an online sewing community where you can take classes, get feedback on work, and more. Craftsy Block of the Month is a free online class where Amy teaches you two blocks a month and you will have a finished quilt at the end of the year. Amy's class is a good beginner workshop but there are classes for all skill levels.The nice thing is you can email the teachers to ask questions and there are forums for the participants to chat and share photos in.

Today, I'm going to talk to you about online swaps.  Once you learn new sewing techniques from Amy, you might want to do some new things in the sewing community and swaps are a great way to get started. A tricky thing about swaps is that a lot of them require you to have participated in a swap to be in a swap. This is to protect all the swappers so that you really have quality people joining in but that makes it hard to find your first swap.

Swap Basics
  • Anyone can host a swap usually on Flickr but also Twitter.
  • The time frame can be short or long.
  • There's usually a theme and a set number of participants.
  • The swap initiator -aka swap mama- gathers information from you and the other participants, then assigns partners based on compatibility.
  • They require participation through the discussion board and usually a photo mosaic.
  • You must have an active flickr account.
  • There will be a shipping deadline that you must meet.
  • You will receive an item made by your partner. Most times it is AMAZING, but sometimes it is not :( and in that case, hope for a better match next time!
  • Swaps are a great way to make friends in the community.

When did my first online swap I had already been in a few swaps with my local guild and I would encourage you to do at least one swap locally if you can. I found potholder pass which is a Flickr swap that is accessible to newbies. Because of the effort involved it is best to find a group that is swapping something you're really interested in, I needed some new potholders. Besides potholders, there are swaps for mini quilts, zipper pouches, grocery bags, pillows and many more.
My first swap package sent to my partner. It's fun to send extra's but it's not required.

What I received!

What I sent to my partner. 
What I received!
 Another important requirement for swaps is that you have the time to really do them. Depending on the swap, you might have one month two months or more to complete your project and mail it to your partner.  A month can seem like a long time, but you really need to think ahead about what might be happening and if you're going to get stuck finishing a swap right before you're son's third birthday. 
Another part of swapping is "stalking" your partner. This means you look at their Flickr stream, blog if they have one, and follow their answers to questions that come up during the swap. This all helps to make something that they will really like. I find this to be a really fun part of the swap.
Yes I did say that there would be a giveaway and not only on my blog but every stop on the blog tour!  The Fat Quarter shop is generously giving away a $25 gift certificate to their store. To enter, leave a comment on this post. Make sure to leave your email address if it is not accessible through your profile. I will leave the comments open until the morning of Saturday, March 10th when I will pick the winner using a random number generator. Please forgive me if I do not respond to comments like I normally would I am injured (more on that later) and have only made this post with the help of my friend and typist Jennifer.

Feb 24 - Miss Print
Feb 25 - Hoosier Toni
Feb 27 - Fresh Lemons
Feb 28 -Qubee Quilts
Mar 2  - mon petit lyons
Mar 3  - Mel's Own Place
Mar 7  - Sew Paint Create
Mar 9  - SoChick
Mar 10- Spin the Bobbin
Mar 14- Ellison Lane
Mar 16- Old Red Barn Co

Don't miss the other stops!

** Lots of no-reply comments with no email address if you don't leave me your email address you can't win!**