Wednesday, April 18, 2012

March/April Book Club

A Game of Thrones!! Have you been watching the series or read any of the books? When Anna picked this book in February I was so excited because I had been wanting to read it. It's long, 807 pages, so way over our normal book length hence the extra weeks between meeting. It also happened that season 2 of the series started in April on HBO which I had been waiting for. You can find the book in the Best Seller or Fantasy area of your local bookstore and I would describe it as Camelot meets Lord of the Rings plus some dragons and white zombies sounds great right?! When you get into the HBO series you also add boobies just check out the funny Saturday Night Live skit from last weekend's show. I digress though this is about the book. 
 Everyone made it to this months club so 13 including me. Out of all of us only one person couldn't get into the book, I think 1 didn't get to start it, and everyone else was almost done reading or finished and really loved the book. While I thought the book wouldn't really stir any deep discussion I was wrong it lead us to talk about war and women's rolls in medieval times and today. Of course I am not saying all the discussion was so mature we love talking about the scandalous parts of the book. There are a variety of families and connections happening throughout the story. It's also fun to see how the book compares (it's pretty true) to the series and the additions in the series the already mentioned sex and yes male behinds. I did really enjoy the story and character development throughout the book you definitely get caught up. The good thing is after you finish there are I think 4 more for you to continue with and he's not even done with the series yet!

Our book for next month is The Weird Sisters by Eleanor Brown it looks like a good one!


Tuesday, April 17, 2012

PMQG Cotton Couture Challenge

Here's a little post for you I started before I got the yuck, I'm finally feeling better YAY. 

A cute banner made by Susan with the fabric: Fog, Meadow, Clementine, Luna, Charcoal, Kryptonite, Tangerine, and Aqua. Two improv blocks left by Heather right by me.

A little while back our board got to pick fabrics (any colors!) from the Michael Miller Cotton Couture line and participate in a block challenge. Kathy Miller will be selecting 16 block out of those submitted from our Guild members to be in a quilt that will be in the Spring Quilt Market. There have been some really fun blocks popping up on the PMQG flickr page and I finally got to start on mine last weekend two weeks ago at the All Day Sew. After tossing around a few ideas for blocks I decided to just wing it based off a rough sketch. To me this is really an improv block but is it improv if you started with a sketch? I am sure there is a discussion or two out there about what makes something an improv piece.
 This is my finished block. Please excuse the horrible ironing job but I wanted to get this post up!

 The Guild has also challenged members to make improv blocks that will be made into a quilt to show at the Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show. I managed a second one with some scraps. They are so fun to do! We also realized after our fabric was chosen that it goes with the Quiltcon colors. Is anyone making blocks for the Quiltcon challenge? 


Thursday, April 5, 2012


Our family's house in Carefree has always been a special place for me. I was always close to my Granny she built the house in the 70's and I've been going there ever since. When I'm there I feel especially close to her but it also brings back memories of my Mom, of spring breaks, family gatherings, weddings, sun, food, the beauty of the dessert, and yes margaritas. It's so nice to start sharing it all with my children. Here are a few ton of photos from our trip because I usually never make it around to sharing them.  

Happy Trails

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Are you Reading?

Have you missed my book club post for March? If you did we skipped our meeting for March due to Spring Break and the length of the book pick. Are you reading or have you read The Game of Thrones? If you have I'd love to hear what you think next week when I do my book club post. The 2nd season premiered Sunday and I was pretty excited to see it I do love my sci-fy fantasy! 


Monday, April 2, 2012

Lizzy House Class!

I really don't know where to start on the class and oh yes our family's week in Carefree, AZ that seems like months ago. I know one thing y'all will love fabric! Lizzy received Guising her Halloween line in the mail during our first day of class so we all got a peek. If you have been reading my blog for awhile you know I'm a freak for Halloween and am soooo excited to make something with this line. 
Lizzy House Guising Fabric!
I don't have any more photos for you from class, you think I would have at least one of Lizzy but I was so caught up in the class it didn't cross my mind. I think she looks just like her photos though cute in her skirts and her hair up.
 So what did I learn? A LOT I can make repeats now and we did block printing and screen printing on fabric so I have lots of fabric to sew with. What was really great about the class was all the advice and info Lizzy had for getting into the fabric design world it was a lot to process and she is so positive! I kept hearing Amanda (Ms McPorkchop) from our Sewing Summit class in my head saying "You can do it of course you can!", Amanda you've stuck with me even though your class wasn't related to fabric design. Now I have Lizzy saying "You can all design fabric you're amazing" maybe I'm embellishing with that amazing part but it's what I remember. It was also nice to meet and see what all the other students were coming up with. I miss that art school environment sometimes. The group had diverse backgrounds and goals and we had a lot of fun. 

This is it but I am just beginning! I also keep hearing in my head , do I have a problem?, Sponge Bob saying "I'm ready I'm ready I'm ready eddy eddy eddy eddy eddy!"
If you are interested in Fabric Design check out Lizzy's book How to Enter the World of Fabric Design: for the Quilting Industry and Kim's book from True Up A Field Guide to Fabric Design. Both are excellent! Also Lizzy will be in LA in May if you are in the area don't miss her.