Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Bon Voyage

I am heading out for a little vacation with my family tomorrow starting with a 10 hour drive yikes! I am excited because during our time away my husband and I will have few special days alone for our 15th Wedding Anniversary! 
See you all when I return happy sewing.

Finally to Sisters!

With Lily's Birthday done I can finally share my Sisters trip with you! It was a really fun long weekend with lots of sewing, good food, and of course quilts oh and we can't forget the rain!

Our group from 12 o'clock Gail W, Paula Wessells, Heather Davidson, Rachel, and Jill Collins. A very talented and fun group. I am so glad we could have almost 4 days together sewing, laughing, eating, and drinking!  
The view every morning and only about 5 minutes from Sisters.

Here are a few quilts that caught my eye.
Quilt by Anne Richardson

Quilt my Monica Solorio-Snow with her new fabric line. 

Quilt by Rachel.

I was planning on getting names for the quilts when I went back around if you know any of these please let me know and I will update my post. 

Selvage detail.

Early morning crowd.

This is how the quilts are hung all over town.

A horrible picture of my quilt, lesson of the weekend bring the battery charger for the camera all photos were taken with my iPhone.
 For the first time in 37 years the show was rained out. The downpour started when Susan and I were on hostess duty and we started running around taking down about 25 quilts and Susan deputized some PMQG members to help. I heard that the volunteers managed to take down almost 1,000 quilts in 10 minutes and very few were soaked. The rain was torrential shortly after the below photo was taken I was so glad all the quilts were safe!

Photo of Susan and I by Marcia.
I was planning to see more of the show after my shift so I missed about 1/3 of it including the teacher tent. To see all of the Portland Modern Quilt Guild's special exhibit check out our blog the post will be up soon.
If you ever have the chance to go it's a really fun quilt show. I'll be back next year!!

Monday, July 23, 2012

Lilys 8th Birthday

 It's hard to believe this little butterball is 8 now!
 She had a fun filled fish themed birthday with 2 close friends and her cousins.

 That looks like a big jump.
Another inspiring cake! Fish with a giant fondant strawberry and there was a little mouse on top of the strawberry as well. That's my Lily creative and always thinking outside of the box I hope she can keep these quality's throughout her life!
I love you Lily Happy Birthday!

Saturday, July 21, 2012

July Book Club

Have you read Fifty Shades of Grey yet? It seems like the book is everywhere and if you've been wondering what the big deal it's like the adult (x rated) version of Twilight minus the vampires and werewolves. So I was wondering how we would talk about this in book club. 
Here's the low down

  • Out of the 12 of us 11 read it or had already read the whole series, I was in that category, the one that didn't read it actually skimmed the book but didn't want to put her energy into it.
  • We agreed the writing was not that great.
  • It's the characters that you get caught up in. 
  • They have a lot of sex and it gets dirty.
  • We had a lively discussion that included our husbands reactions.
  • Part of the time was spent talking about who would be cast as the main characters. We found that there are articles all over the Internet wondering this same thing. 
  • Our book club had degraded to a whole new level but it was fun! 
We did talk about the wide variety of books that our book club reads. It's one of the things I really like about our group because there are books I would have never read. We'll read Hot Flat and Crowded one month and Twilight the next. 

Next month we will be reading The Leftovers by Tom Perrotta it promises to be an intriguing book.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Scrap Republic Review

You know I love a good scrap project and when I got the opportunity to review Scrap Republic by Emily Cier I couldn't say no. 

Do you have a million scraps? Yes me too. 
Two things I love about the book are all the beautiful color photos and wonderful illustrations. The book has 8 really good quilts along with a "Solace for the Scrapless" inspiration for each so it's a book for anyone. 

I decided to make a mini version of the Pivot Quilt. 

While I was in Sister's for the Outdoor Quilt Show I was able to finish the top and it had a nice little photo shoot. Thank you to Paula for imparting more of her photo knowledge on me!

Here is the full Pivot Quilt.

I love the color transition but I didn't think it would be as effective small scale and I have a lot of orange, pink, and red scraps so I stuck with those. Rachel has graciously offered to quilt it for me I'll be sure to share when it's done. 

I honestly love all the quilts in the book and there is a good range of quilts for different skill levels.The illustrations are well done and are really concise and easy to understand. There is a great section with tips and techniques at the beginning of the book to get you started. If you are a newer quilter you might need to read over some quilt instructions a few times, I had to at one point, but I wouldn't let that stop you from buying the book! My house mates in Sisters were passing it around and were unanimously impressed. Emily also has a new book Pixel Play coming out in August that you can pre-order right now. 

For all of you Portland Modern Quilt Guild members we will be giving the book away at our meeting this Thursday I hope to see you there. Meeting details will be on the PMQG blog tomorrow.


Monday, July 9, 2012

Mini Quilt Fun

A friend turned 40 the other day (they're dropping like flies) and I wanted to make her a little something for her house. It's been awhile since I made a mug rug but there's a reason I like them they are so easy and a great way to get your creative juices flowing. This is really bigger then a mug rug more like a bar mat to soak up all the bourbon she'll be happily drinking. I started by thinking of her house and colors she would like.

These colors were perfect. This is one of my favorite prints but I'd never used it in a quilt because the print is so big what a better time to try. I pulled some solids sliced some strips up and started sewing. 

 With improv piecing and chunks of the print it all came together. I like how the bigger print worked out with the solids. 

For the quilting I free motioned a little replication of the print which was fun and happily my friend loved how it turned out. Now it's back to Avery's quilt and getting ready for Sisters! 


Friday, July 6, 2012

What's Happening!

I have this new addition done by Karina at Infinity Tattoo. My tattoo might small but it means a lot to me. It represents my creativity and life. It's been 20 years since my first tattoo so I figure I'll get another when I'm 63! 

I hope you all had a safe and happy 4th. This is my husband and yes he still has eyebrows. The hanging firework looked innocent at first and he was holding it on a big pole but I guess you never know. 

I am busy with the kids and getting ready for the Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show! Last year was so fun and this year it will be a proper retreat (3 nights!) with some amazing Guild members.
 My summer is very disjointed this year please bare with me while I adjust and get a blogging sewing routine down.