Friday, September 28, 2012

Sewing Summit Bunting Tutorial

I have been busy getting ready for Sewing Summit and also working on another project. I wont be blogging as much until I get everything under control but when I do blog I'll try to make it worth your while. 
Who's going to Sewing Summit? This will be my second year and I can't wait! Here is my list of things to do.
  • Bunting for SLCMWG party
  • Template for Katy's English Paper Piecing class
  • Prep for Shapes and Angles class with Faith and Kati:
  • 18 - 5" diameter hexagons (accuquilt go! size) Doing this at the Summit!
  • 18 - 4" 45 degree diamonds
  • 32 - 1.75" x 5.25" rectangles in various colors/prints
  • 8 - 4" x 4" squares in neutral color/print
  • 20 - 4" equilateral triangles (60 degree triangles)
  • Make bag for iPad
  • Make new purse for me
  • Buy fabric for maxi skirt class
  • Prep for Foundation Paper Piecing with Lee and Elizabeth
  • Color A: 8 - 3.5" x 7"
  • Color B: 8 - 4" x 4"
  • Color C: 4 - 4" x 10"
  • Color D: 4 - 4" x 10"
  • 45-50 string scraps, 1" - 2.5" inches wide, and 3" - 10" long
  • Design and order Moo Cards
  • Make a zipper pouch for swap.

Ok I think that's it. Notice I have one item marked off scary! The thing is I have another big list of non Sewing Summit things that I've been making a lot of progress on which is good. I'm not feeling discouraged although sometimes I have a mini freak out but then just keep going. 

I thought I'd share how I made my bunting. I know there are ton of tutorials out there but you never know this might be a good way for you to make it. I had this lovely 6" fat quarter pack of Tula Pink's The Birds and the Bees just waiting for a project.
3 yards of double fold binding 
22 6" squares of fabric
 or if your fabric is not directional you can make 
a template and layout on a 6"strip turning the template upside down to save fabric.

First I took two squares and lined them up right sides together so you will be cutting two at a time. Then I folded them in half and made a crease with my nail, you can mark with a pencil if you prefer. You can barely see the crease mark in the photo but it's easy to see in person. 
Next I lined up my ruler with the 1/4" mark on the crease and at the top the 1/4" mark on the corner. Then cut with your rotary cutter.This allows for your seam and gives you a perfect triangle. Notice the nice triangle scraps from this I think I'll use in my zipper pouch.
I had this on my rotating cutting mat so I turned it around and did the same on the other side. You can see how the corner is lined up here. At this point you can make a template or continue to cut each set this way. I found it fun so I did them all like this. 
Keeping right sides together sew along the cut sides leaving the top open for turning out. 

To get a nice point you can trim a little fabric off the end but be careful not to poke through when you are turning right side out. Press and there you have your little flag. 
You will have 11 and I chain pieced mine. The fabric on each side is different but you can make it the same.
Next I put them up on my design wall to figure out how I wanted the different colored and scaled patterns to line up.

Using a 3 yard double fold bias tape pack you will space your flags starting at one end 7 1/2" pin a flag then 3" and pin a flag as pictured above. Then sew the whole length of the tape and you have your bunting! 
I had never made bunting before and always wanted it's so easy I'm going to make some for my daughters room when I get back. 


Monday, September 24, 2012

Northwest Quilting Expo

Yesterday I left my kids alone for the first time for more then 30 minutes! It was a little nerve racking especially when they didn't answer the phone when I called to check in on them. Turns out they were too busy reading and the phone was downstairs. Why would I leave them alone? To go to a quilt show of course!

Here's our sign over Lisa Gile's beautiful quilt! Our guild had 33 quilts on display. The sad news is I had taken a ton of photos with my phone only to have my phone go into recovery mode when I tried an update later in the day. My phone wasn't having any problems (except the cracked glass of course) I didn't need it to go into recovery mode and the only solution was to restore to factory settings which meant I lost all my photos. Thankfully I had backed up everything else a few days before. These photos are courtesy of Susan Beal.  

Two of our Michael Miller Cotton Couture Challenge quilts my block is in the quilt on the right. I love Nancy's quilting on these.

 Here's a little group of guild members that met to see the show. 

While the show is mainly traditional quilts I think we all really can appreciate the skill that goes into them, get inspired, and learn. I hope some people were inspired by our quilts. There was also a beautiful display of 12" mini quilts/art quilts which I am sure will turn up on flickr. 
Have you been to a quilt show lately?

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Chili and Pie Time Again!

It finally happened, well almost, my Hubs and I won the Pie and Chili contest this year, he tied with our friend and host Terie. They will be sharing the trophy so for half the year we will have both wonderfully creative and creepy trophies watching over our kitchen. I don't think it hurt that Ed and Terie are both Texans. Also it's interesting to note that over the past four years the contest has been won by Oklahomans and Texans I think we midwesterners no how to cook comfort food. 
The theme for Pie this year was custard and I made a Buttermilk Custard Pie with the gluten-free crust I used last year that is still my favorite. Ed themes his chili each year and never writes down what he's doing. This time it was a lime hot pepper combo. If anyone is interested in more detail on his methods email me and I'll send the deets, unless you'll be at the cook off next year you don't need to know his tricks.

Before as the Pie Trophy watches over the pies and after the carnage.    

Buttermilk Pie ala Pétra from The Dairy Hollow House Cookbook

1 unbaked Pie shell                               preheat oven to 350°
I use Tera's amazing crust from A Baking Life gluten-free

1/2 cup butter, softened
1 1/2 cups sugar
3 rounded tablespoons gluten free flour mix of your choice
3 eggs beaten
1 tablespoon vanilla
1 cup buttermilk
grated rind of half a lemon
1/4 teaspoon of grated nutmeg plus more for top.

Cream together butter and sugar. Beat in all the remaining ingredients. Pour into pie shell and sprinkle liberally with nutmeg. Bake for 45 minutes. It should be slightly browned but still liquid. Cool and serve chilled no whipped cream needed. 

notes: You can use regular flour if you are not gluten-free. If you do use a gluten-free crust pre-bake for 10 minutes before filling. If you are using a deep dish pie pan like I do make a recipe and a half eyeballing the egg quantity. 

It has been busy around here getting ready for a hectic October but more on that soon.


Friday, September 7, 2012

Avery's Quilt!

I thought the day would never come but Avery's quilt is done! I know you thought maybe I'd made this quilt up as I referred to it over the past 11 months but it does exist. 

It's come a long way from these early sketches.

This pile of fabric.

And a few different designs.
Too much.
Almost there.

 A happy quilt that will grow with my son.

When I found the map fabric I knew I wanted to use it as a hope that Avery will travel throughout his life. I placed the compass right where he'll sleep to keep him steady. He liked the retro cars and trucks and that references his childhood to me. Pac Man is for things he likes now, computer games. I was able to convince him to let me leave out a pink Mine Craft pig which I will be making as a pillow for him, any parents out there know what Mine Craft is? The back is all flannel and I love the wood grain I found at Island Quilters. He has a cool wood grain rug in his room. Nancy Stovall ended up doing the quilting for me at the last minute which was really a relief. I know I could have done a twin on my little machine but it wouldn't have turned out as nice as Nancy's work. 

For what turned out to be a simple looking quilt it's the longest I've spent working on one but I am so happy with it and know he will treasure it for a long time. 

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Back to School

How did it happen that I have a 6th grader and that my little girl is now in 3rd grade. 

Avery started school yesterday. He was so excited and he was still excited today which is a good sign. He's at a new school where he doesn't know anyone and I'm so proud of his spirit! 

Lily is starting her first year at school without her big brother being there I am sure she'll adjust quickly she is a strong one. I think she's grown 4" since last year I can't believe how big she is. 
To everyone out there who's kid's are back in school let's pour a cup of coffee and get sewing I know I have a lot to catch up on!!