Saturday, November 17, 2012

Post-Summit Swap

It's been awhile since I've had a good ole fashioned sewing post. I've been missing sewing there's no denying it which was why I was so excited to participate in the Post-Summit Swap. After a little snooping around I chose this group of fabrics for my partner. Like myself she is adverse to purple but I had to throw in a little because I think sometimes it's needed. Also I really just used a little pop of the purple. 

I made a quilted pouch doing a little improv piecing and quilting. I have to admit one little mistake but I think it's a happy one, I sewed the front on upside down. I meant for you to see more of the Grey La Dee Da fabric on the top but I actually like the lighter green and the way the block is spaced more at the bottom of the pouch. I really had fun with the quilting and loved mimicking the Curly Scribble fabric in the white. There's a little something extra in the bag for my partner I hope she likes it! 

I have my favorite swap of the year coming up our guild Holiday Swap. I'm so excited about my partner this year I can't wait to show you the fabrics I get to work with!! 


Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Sew What you Love Book Review

I had the opportunity to spend a little time with the book Sew What You Love by Tanya Whelan. I love the variety of patterns the book has to offer, there are sections on Handbags, Sewing for Little Ones, the Home, and Clothing. The projects range from simple totes for the beginning sewer to working with knits and pleated skirts. I decided to make my Dad a tie. It's a deceptively simple project so the detailed instructions were so helpful. I love how it turned out and am thinking some of the new Constellations fabric by Lizzy House will be a good choice for a Christmas tie. 

Great features about the book are the wire binding, I just love it when a book will stay open all on it's own, the really detailed illustrations, and well written instructions. I was so excited I gave my Dad the tie before I took the photo, sorry. 

I can show you the fabrics I used.The main fabric is Shadow Leaf by Pepper Cory and for the lining I chose the floral print Bryant Park. 
For all of you Portlanders this book will be one of the giveaways at our Portland Modern Quilt Guild meeting. See you this Thursday the 15th! 


Monday, November 5, 2012

Market Recap

I think I needed last week to absorb the whole market experience but I finally have a Market Recap for you. Let me tell you Market is intense! I had so much fun and was going non-stop, except when I'd sit down to eat or have a coffee break. What is Quilt Market? It is a fabric trade show, stores are there to see the new fabric lines and place orders. There are also booths dedicated to thread (my fav Aurifil among them), patterns, and all other kinds of accessories for sewing. I went with Owl and Drum, my friend's new store in my hometown Tulsa, OK. If you're not near Tulsa they also have an etsy shop you should definitely check it out. I know Bianca has a lot of good fabric coming in from Market including some of the new colors of Pearl Bracelet! 
Top: Kathy Miller of Michael Miller fabrics talking about color, quilt by fellow Portlander Anne Woodman.  Me in moustache at Riley Blake Schoolhouse , Bari J's Schoolhouse for her new 1920 Splendor line. Portlander Kristin Link (Sew Mama Sew) and below Crissy Roth of Fabric Shop Network. Tula Pink Quilt  and Jenean Morrison Quilt.
I did take so many more photos and I'm even in some of them. I've made some mosaics for you and you can find the photos on my flickr page.
Top: Opening reception. Crazy lines for Shopping Spree which I didn't even participate in (what was I thinking?) Jacey and I, Lizzy House and I, her new line is beautiful!

Top Left:Tula Pink I love her new Saltwater line, Echino!, Carolyn Friedlander Architextures which I loved, Anna Maria Horner Booth, Zen Chic by Moda, Jen's Quilt in Melody Miller Booth, Amy Butler Booth, Charlie Harper quilt patterns, and Melody herself I loved her booth!
What can I say there were so many inspiring booths! 
Top Left: Carolyn Friedlander and I in her wonderful booth, Michael Miller Booth so colorful, Banner in MM booth by Portland Guild Member, Aurifil, Anna Maria Horner detail, more Michael Miller, Me, Thomas Knauer and I,  sorry I cut your gams off a little Thomas!

I was also at market to show my fabric designs to companies which explains my lack of blogging over the past month. It was exciting, scary, and I hope the start of a new path. I had 4 meetings and had great feedback we'll see what happens next but I am so hopeful. I wanted to thank everyone there who was so supportive of me. From friends Suzy, Bianca, Heather, Jacy, Lisa Anne, Kristin, and Bari. To teachers and designers Lizzy House, Angela Walters, Amanda Herring, Thomas Knauer, and Joel Dewberry everyone has been amazing! Also my friends in Portland Violet, Heather, Susan, Jen T., and those Yams!
I am excited to be home for awhile and get back to sewing and designing! 

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Blogger's Quilt Festival

Amy's Creative Side

It's Sunday the last day to nominate your favorite quilts in the Bloggers Quilt Festival. There are 15 catagories and 628 quilts entered so get a cup of coffee and find your favorites. My entry is under Mini Quilt, Home Machine Quilted, and Scrap Quilt but I do want you to vote for your favorites! 
Have fun