Tuesday, January 22, 2013


Over the holiday weekend my oldest turned 12! It's hard to believe and it's what is always said but how did it go by so fast?! While we're seeing some typical pre-teen behavior we're also blessed with glimpses of his kind heart and occasionally complete cooperation. Here are a few recent photos.

 The kids take tap at his school, this is his final performance for the semester.

 He loves the dogs

Crazy birthday fun!

He's starting to find his style which he says is his long hair not his clothes. He did ask for and get yellow suspenders for his birthday, he is a trendsetter or really secure and I'm proud of him either way. 
Happy Birthday to my wonderful son!


Valerie said...

In that first pic he looks so much like you! Happy birthday to your boy!!

Jacey said...

He is so cute. Love the long hair, and I love that he got yellow suspenders!