Monday, January 28, 2013

Cowl Party

If you say Cowl a few times in a row it really sounds pretty weird but I am addicted to them. I dusted off my knitting needles a week ago pulled out some yarn from that other stash I have and decided to make a new one. I've been planning to share and then I noticed there have been some other cowl posts popping up in my feeds so I thought I'd compile them for you. Then I thought well I should do a little linky party. What do you think? It's cold out and we can't always sew while we're watching Downton Abbey or Girls, has anyone else been knitting? Try a cowl! I found my pattern by doing a little google image search and found this easy great pattern by Diana at Knit and Bake. She has a gorgeous blog and being a photographer (of amazing people!) her photos are dreamy. My husband is out of town so my cowl photos were taken with me holding my camera out with one hand so not ideal! I modified my cowl to have random stripes, my yarn was pretty chunky and I wanted it a little loose around my neck so it's bigger then Diana's. I love how it turned out and it's reversible!

Here are a few of the cowl posts that have been popping up. 

 Anna at Noodlehead is new to knitting and made a beautiful grey cowl.

 Karen at Blooming Poppies just started a cowl with a sunny yellow yarn. I am looking forward to seeing the finish!

Teje at Nero's Post and Patch made a cheery rainbow cowl which Nero models so well. 

 There are cowl patterns all over the place so you should be able to find one that suits you. They are a quick knit and you don't need a lot of yarn. So pick up your needles and join in! Do a blog post or just put up a link to a photo. I'll keep it the party open until Sunday so that gives you plenty of time to knit one up. I think I'll go back in time to my previous work when I made knitting needle holders for stores and whip one up for one lucky participant. You can choose between a Project Pouch or a larger needle roll up. 


Teje said...

Petra, your cowl is beautiful and looks so warm! Thank you very much for linking to my cowl! After that I made already one more cowl, because as you said, we need something to knit when watch Downton Abbey (it comes today!). I hope you don't mind if I join your link party with two cowls. x Teje

Pétra said...

Teje, I am so glad you joined in! Your models look so good. The last episode was so good sniff sniff. : )

Elsa said...

Your cowl is lovely Petra! I've made a few, but what I like making are shawls and lately, mitts ~ working on my 4th one. They are a really quick knit and keep your hands nice and cozy.

Poppyprint said...

Cool cowl, Petra! I have two that I love (one that was gifted, the other a swap) made by other people. They are super cozy! I don't knit myself, but I'd definitely start with a cowl.

Jacey said...

Your cowl is super fun! I'm not going to be able to join in, but I agree; cowls are a great project. Usually quick and so cozy!