Friday, February 8, 2013

Grand Junction Quilt Progress

Here's a little Grand Junction quilt progress before I move on to the next quilt. I've always loved how a quilt top looks hanging in the window it's like stained glass. I'm dropping off my quilt top today at Nancy's. I am not sure about the quilting yet I'm thinking a simple geometric pattern but I'm always interested to hear Nancy's ideas as well. What do you think?

Here's a detail, you can find all the fabrics in this post.

Overall I think the piecing went really well. Melissa's pattern is well written and easy to follow, she's starting a Star Gazer quilt along soon if you want to join in. This is a very simple block with just a little trick in the partial seam technique. Luckily I took Faith and Katie's class at Sewing Summit and partial seams were one of the things we learned. For the most part mine lined up really well but there are a few spots I'm not happy with. I think with quilting and washing they will be hard to spot. 
Have a great weekend! 


**nicke... said...

it looks wonderful! and i love the stained glass picture! the colors are gorgeous!

Dawn White said...

I love your quilt, Petra!

Pétra said...

Thank you Dawn!

Heather Joy said...

Looks amazing! How fun you're having Nancy quilt it!

Jacey said...

Such great colors! Ah, progress on a quilt top is the best.