Monday, February 18, 2013

Quiltcon Countdown!

I really can't believe Quiltcon is this week!! You can find my 5 things about me here.

I am so excited to be going especially when I wasn't sure if I would be able to. Besides the 80's dance, which I have my outfit for, I'll be taking Angela Walters Quilting Negative Spaces and Lotta Jansdotter's Textile Printing I am so excited about both classes. There will be a lot of the Portland Guild crew in Austin and I'm looking forward to catching up with some Sewing Summit friends that will be there. Then there's meeting new friends it's going to be non-stop! 
I'm not leaving until Thursday and I have a lot to do before then with wrapping up my auction stuff and bee blocks but I'll get it done! 
Will I see you in Austin? 


JanuaryT said...

I'm so looking forward to it!!! I think it will be an even bigger whirl wind than sewing summit. Maybe I'll see you down there :)

arajane said...

yay, see you there pétra! i'm leaving thursday, too. if i don't see you sooner, i'll definitely see you at the 80s dance party!