Friday, November 8, 2013

Going Home Part 2

As promised here are the more quilts from the Bunkhouse. See this post to catch up if you need to.  
There were 9 twin beds in the house somehow I only have 7 of the quilts but here they are with their labels. Sorry about the blurry ones but I've but the quilt patterns under each quilt.

Crown of Thorns 

54-40 or Fight

Bear's Foot

Road to Oklahoma


Road to Oklahoma

Courthouse Steps
The two quilts I'm missing thanks to a photo my husband took.

It was so special seeing all the quilts there and I know the Nature Conservancy was so honored to have them as well. I can really see them being done in modern fabrics I think I'll try a Road to Oklahoma with solids. Thank you Jubilee Quilters' Guild for doing this for the Nature Conservancy!!  
If you live in Oklahoma you should definitely take a trip to the Preserve visitors are welcome and there is a nice visitors center with a hands on area for kids. You will see lots of bison and there are trails you can walk on. You can also tour the bunk house which admittedly is different from when the cowboys slept there but we did cook on the stove from the 50's and I remember eating with the cowboys at the table in the dining room. 
 After our time at the ranch I did go back to Tulsa to catch up with friends and had a great time. I can't leave out mentioning my good friend Bianca's fabric store in Tulsa Owl and Drum

It's actually more then just fabric they have classes, craft supplies, as well as local artist's handmade gifts. There's really nothing like it in the area. 



Dawn White said...

Petra, thanks for showing us those quilts! I think it's just wonderful that local guild members made quilts for each of the beds.

Pétra said...

Thank you Dawn!