Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Auction Quilt #2

So here is Auction Quilt #2, my second version of Thomas Knauer's Dopplegänger Quilt! See what I mean when I said I prefer this combination. 

I do still enjoy the neutral version and the pattern is really fun but I think it lends itself to the bolder color with these fabrics especially. 

This go around I really did a better job with my spray basting and the fabric didn't shift as much. I think the quilting could still be better but it turned out pretty good. 

The back with Marby a print from Lotta's newer line glimma.
To read a little more about this quilt and pattern check out my first Auction Quilt post

See you soon with my new machine basting method!

1 comment:

Gail Lizette said...

I really like both of these... but the neutral is my favorite! The quilting on it is awesome!